Tech Information:

Bowstring Length: 59 3/4” Power Cable Length: 32 11/16" Yoke Cables: 14”

Bowstring measurements are with twist, Power cable measurements are without twist. Add (8-12) twist to Power Cables to get correct tune.


A Muscle Bow with Manners!

The continually improving DS-3814 is the best choices for the majority of serious Bowhunters and/or 3D Shooters; a no compromise bow with speed to burn. The speed this bow is capable of makes judging distance a less critical part of the equation. Some shooters have found that when they switch to the DS-3814, they can drop down in bow weight and still shoot the same arrows faster and flatter. Because of Darton’s continued efforts to improve, one of the main features that set the DS-3814 apart from the rest of the crowd is its shootabilty.  With its smooth draw cycle, forgiving valley, and dampened shooting characteristics, Darton has truly created "A Muscle Bow with Manners!"


The DS-3814 includes Darton’s draw stop modules that enable shooters to tweak the amount of cam let-off to fit their shooting style. By adding a draw stop adjustment module to the end of the draw module you are able to incrementally adjust the effective let-off from near 80% to 65%.


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