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​Charles Andy Hunnell is originally from Fairview, West Virginia. He moved to Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania about 15 years ago, and even though he moved away from West Virginia, he still routinely returns there to hunt and shoot competitively.

Years shooting competitive archery:

  A long time! I started when I was 8, or maybe even younger, and shot mostly local competitions for a few years. In my early teenage years, I shot some state tournaments and a couple of national IBO shoots as a young adult. I stopped shooting competitively around 15 years old and didn’t start again till I was about 24 years old. I always hunted but got away from shooting competitively due to school, sports, and college. I started working full time when I graduated from college and really started getting serious about competitive archery. I started attending NFAA national shoots and several IBO tournaments. As of recently, I have started to help coach at one of the local clubs for the Junior Olympic Archery Development program.  I have found coaching is a unique skill set and I have found it very gratifying to be able to help young kids excel in the sport of archery.

Bow I’m shooting, and why: 

​I use various Darton bows for the differing types of archery.

  • INDOORS - I like shooting my Vegas 3D and the bow shoots well. I have found a set up that works best for me in various classes.  Indoors I run gold tip XXX arrows with the Vegas 3D at about 56 lbs. 

  • OUTSIDE - I shoot a Vegas 3D for the ASA and a Darton Tempest for the IBO.  I also run a Vegas 3D for Field and Target Round tournaments. 

  • TARGET - This year I’m trying the Vegas 3D E for the target setup. I really like the ease of tuning and will see how it performs at further distances. When I shoot target rounds either outside or indoors I'm usually running around 55 pounds.

  • 3D - When shooting 3D, I shoot between 63 and 65-pound draw weight.

  • HUNTING - For hunting, I have been using a Darton Maverick II. I'm very pleased with the speed and accuracy of this bow. It shoots fantastic groups and is super forgiving while delivering unbelievable speed.  If you are interested in hunting, I would absolutely recommend the Maverick II.


Tournaments I participate in: 

I shoot in various national and state tournaments that are affiliated with different organizations. I have had some exciting wins in both target and 3D archery. Some of the most rememberable wins include Winning the IBO 2009 Shooter of the Year (MBO), Winning the 2010 IBO 1st leg of the National Tournament (MBO), IBO 3rd place finish in the 2016 IBO Worlds (Semi-Pro), Winning the 2019 Lancaster Classic (Bowhunter division), and numerous top 5 finishes in the majority of events I participated in.


I have shot or plan to shoot:
  • IBO

    • MBO (2005 to 2010)

    • Semi-Pro (2011-2016)

    • Advance Hunter Class (Present)


  • ASA
    • Known 45 (2017-2019)

    • Open B (Present)


  • NFAA
    • Adult Male Freestyle (2005 to 2017)

    • Bowhunter Freestyle or Adult Male Freestyle (Depends on the tournament) (2017-present)


  • PSAA (Pennsylvania State Archery Association)
    • Unlimited (2010 to 2016)

    • Bowhunter Unlimited (2017 to present)


Classes I shoot in: 

That is a good question, I find myself jumping around to various classes depending on what I want to shoot and the Tournament venue. I have shot unlimited, Freestyle, Semi-Pro, known, and unknown classes, but sometimes I really like shooting a bowhunter setup. I feel like it gets me back to my roots. 

   I started gun hunting with my dad at a very young age and when I got the chance to try archery hunting, I jumped on it.  Mostly because it added length to my season and also because there is just something about it. When I shoot with scopes and long stabilizers it seems to become more like work and not fun for me, so I just like shooting my hunting setup.   Don’t get me wrong, I do like shooting my unlimited or freestyle setups, but sometimes I need to change it up.

Bow set up: (sights, rest, stabilizers, arrows, etc.)

​So even though I shoot a variety of classes, my equipment doesn’t change much. 

  • For stabilizers and connectors, I go with Dead Center products.  I can’t say enough about the durability and vibration damping that Dead Center equipment has to offer. 

  • For sights, I run Spot Hogg for hunting setups, I run an older CBE sight for 3D archery, and for Target I run a Tru Ball AXCEL achieve sight. The Spot Hogg and CBE are extremely durable and the Tru Ball is very accurate with very small adjustment ability. 

  • As for Rest, I really like Trophy Taker. I like the Trophy Taker spring steel for the majority of my tournament setups. Trophy Taker are simplistic with minimal moving parts to go wrong. When I hunt I shoot a Trophy Taker smackdown or a Hamskea versa rest. I really like the versatility of both of these rests and they have proven themselves time and time again. 

  • I run a Hamskea in line peep and which I can’t say enough about how well they work. The technology in the clarifying lens system and placement is amazing. 

  • For Arrows, I shoot Gold Tip and have been very impressed with the durability and accuracy. For Indoor tournaments, I mostly shoot the XXX shaft.  I like the XXX shaft so much that I even shot them in the ASA for known yardage.  When I shoot 3D unknown yardage, I run either an x cuter or a 22 shaft.  They offer a good size diameter without sacrificing too much weight.  For outside Target, I like the Platinum Pierce Tours.

Why I shoot Darton - Testimonial:

I shoot Darton because they are the best-kept secret in archery! I have shot many different brands of bows and can say that Darton is of equal quality and has much better customer service. Even though I may have strayed off course and tried other bow brands, I usually go back to what works for me, and DARTON is the answer. 

   You see these other bow brands advertised routinely at shoots and on TV, but none of them are any better in quality, durability, and generally cost much more than a Darton. 

   Lastly, I am a bow hunter by heart and these bows are 'Built to Hunt' and that’s why I choose a DARTON. The heritage of Bowhunting and Darton inspires me, and I try to grow this awesome sport with my sons. 

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