1. DualSync Cam System: This patented cam system has effectively eliminated all of the 2 cam issues and resulted in a cam system that is less critical and more efficient than any other hybrid cam system to date. US Pat# 6,990,970 B1

2. E.E.T. Limbs: Efficient Energy Transfer Limbs, designed for maximum efficiency and minimum limb fatigue.

3. Equalizer Cable System: Featured on e Series Bows, this cabling system includes all the advantages of the Dual Sync Cam system, with the additional advantage of limb stabilization never before experienced with a split limb bow. Included with this unique cabling system is the option to use a positive limb stop. U.S Pat# 8,826,894 B1

4. Adjustable Draw Length Module: Featured on the PRO SERIES BOWS, the adjustable module allows you to adjust your draw length in ½” increments while maintaining the same draw cycle characteristics throughout the adjustment range. US Pat# 6,990,970 B1

5. DS-Yoke System: Featured on most Pro Series Bows, offers Increased limb stability by equalizing the load on both sides of the cam, minimizing any torque created by the cam as the bow is drawn and shot. US Pat# 6,990,970 B1

6. P.T.R. Cable Rod: Progressive Torque Reduction Cable Rod is designed to enable increased vane clearance at brace and reduced limb and riser torque during the draw cycle.  By the cable rod flexing in toward the center of the bow as it is drawn, the cable has less of a torquing effect on riser and limbs.

7. Acura Cable Slide: The new, patented Acura Slide produces a smoother draw cycle because its unique design allows the cables to align themselves correctly throughout the draw cycle.  US Pat# 10,048,0388  B1

8. 3-Axis Center Pull Technology: Increased tune-ability, efficiency, and overall performance, achieved by centering the arrow on all 3 axes of the riser relative to the bowstring, cams, and grip.

9. Signature Grip: Darton's Signature Grip is designed for fit and feel. You have to draw the bow to understand. It offers a level of comfort and stability 2nd to none. Two (2) different sets of side plates are available from Darton, as an accessory, that allows you to get the personalized feel you want.

10. B.N.S.S.: Bowstring Noise Suppression System instantly terminates string vibration after the shot.

11. Axis Riser: CNC-Machined Aluminum riser, designed for strength and maximum durability.

12. P.P.L. Limb Pockets: Pivoting, Positive Locating Limb Pockets designed to locate the E.E.T. limbs with precise alignment for precision accuracy with every shot.

13. Speed Nocks:  The Bowstring on each Darton Model Bow, where applicable, has been optimized to contribute to the efficiency of the bow by the strategic placement of nock sets for the use of arrows over 5 grains per pound of peak bow weight.

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