Aarin Green

Caro Michigan

Years shooting competitive archery:

Aarin Green has been shooting competitively for 6 years, this time around. He was a competitive archer at an early age, but took a break and then returned to the sport.

Bow I’m shooting, and why: 

This year I'm shooting the Tempest e-T and Spectra-e. I chose these bows for one main reason, the e-system with its tunability and forgiveness, it adds to a great riser and cams.​


Tournaments I participate in: 

I shoot I.B.O, A.S.A, NFAA and I.A.A events from winter to fall then I'm in hunting mode.

Classes I shoot in: 

I currently shoot Men's Elite Class in I.A.A and Open class (Unknown Yardage).

Bow set up: (sights, rest, stabilizers, arrows, etc.)

My setup for 3D this year is:

  • 2020 Darton Tempest e-T at 28.5-inch draw 65 lbs. 

  • Arrowtech Vindicator 400 Arrows with Bohning fletching 

  • Axcel Achieve XP sight

  • Axcel scope

  • PR signature stabilizers

  • Shrewd QD and sidebar mount

  • Podium peep

  • Hamskea or Pro Blade rest

  • Truball Fulkrum release​

For Hunting my setup will include:

  • Darton Spectra-e at 28.5 72 lbs.

  • Arrowtech PA 400s with Bohning Blazer Vanes and Zeus Broadheads 


Supporting Dealer: Green Arrow Archery

Why I shoot Darton - Testimonial:

The reason I choose Darton is, first of all, they make amazing products and are more than willing to get input from staff shooters. The technology at Darton is ahead in the game and it shows, the new e-System is everything you could ask for in a cam system and more.

   When I began this journey with Darton in 2013, I had no idea that I was joining not only a great group of like-minded archers but a new family that continues to grow each tournament.

   I am blessed to know most of the staff for Darton and I'm amazed at the type of bond that has been established over the years. I cannot wait to continue this journey.

The reason I shoot Darton Archery is the Darton Family!

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