1. I hereby certify that I have the authority to apply for credit on behalf of Applicant(s) identified below and the Applicant(s) hereby authorize Darton Archery (Creditor) to investigate Applicant(s) credit history, bank references and any other sources of information deemed necessary to extend credit as allowed by Federal Credit Reporting Act and applicable State law.

  2. All sales are considered final. Returns, other than for defective products, are at the sole discretion of the Creditor and require a return authorization number (RA) from the Creditor’s customer service department.

  3. ALL returns, excluding defective products and errors on the part of the Creditor, will be assessed a 20% restocking charge.

  4. Credit Applicant agrees to pay invoices in accordance with the Creditor’s terms of sale.

  5. Credit Applicant(s) shall be responsible to pay to Creditor a service charge of 1.5% per month (which equals 18% per annum) or the highest rate.

  6. Credit Applicant(s) is responsible for all costs of collection including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Creditor in collecting any amounts due it or enforcing its rights.

  7. Credit Applicant(s) hereby gives a security interest to Creditor in all products purchased from the Creditor (now owned and hereafter acquired) to secure payment of any account balance owed.

  8. Credit Applicant(s) affirms that all information herein together with all information submitted in connection with the application is true and accurate and that it will promptly notify Creditor if any information changes.

  9. Credit Applicant(s) agrees to immediately notify Creditor’s customer service department for all shortages, price discrepancies, or freight disputes.

  10. Credit Applicant(s) acknowledge that a service charge of $45.00 will be applied to each check returned for insufficient funds.

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