​Years shooting competitive archery: 

4 years


Bow I’m shooting, and why: 

I shoot a 2020 Tempest e 3D, red with black limbs. I have been shooting a Spectra e but as I compete more and more I wanted to have a target bow that I could set up just for that and the Tempest e 3D is the perfect bow for that as I can shoot indoor target or outdoor 3D with it.


Tournaments I participate in: 



Classes I shoot in:  I shoot in the Youth 12-14 or Middle School Bowhunter Class. I can shoot both Open and Fixed Pin depending on the shoot.


Bow set up: (sights, rest, stabilizers, arrows, etc.)
  • Darton Tempest e 3D

  • HHA Tetra Tournament Pro Sight

  • HHA Vertus Rest

  • Scott Advantage hinge release

  • PR Signature Stabilizers

  • Arrowtech Vindicator 23 arrows

  • Illumapin sight light

Supporting Dealer: 

Aarin Green, bow tech, Caro Michigan

Why I shoot Darton: 

   I started shooting with my Dad at age 6 in his archery programs at his work. I always used whatever bows my Dad had in his classes. When I was getting ready to shoot in my first S3DA Tournament my Dad told me to find out which bow I liked best and use that bow to prepare and shoot, that bow was a Darton Exciter.

   I won the Michigan S3DA State Championship and sent a video to Ted Harpham thanking Darton for making such a great bow and I was only going to shoot Darton from then on. Ted called me and thanked me for the video and told me he really appreciated it.

   I have been with Darton for 3 years now, won the IAA Shooter of the Year last year and cannot say enough good things about Darton and how they treat me. I can honestly say I feel like I am part of their family, we are more than a Team, we are friends, and we work together to succeed.


   In 2019 when we preparing to go to the NFAA Indoor Nationals my bow started making noise by the lower cam. I took a video of the cam and the noise and sent it to Ted for him to hear. Ted called me seconds after getting the video and told me to ship my bow to Darton immediately, gave me a UPS number to use.

   Within a couple of days, Darton not only fixed my bow but had someone drive it down to me so I would have it in time to leave for Nationals. To have my bow company care that much about me having my bow ready in time says it all to me.

   There were no questions asked, they just took care of me and showed me that they cared about me as a customer, a shooter, and a person ... enough said.

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