Aarin Green in the Shooter Spotlight

When it comes to great shooting results DARTON comes in at the top. We are proud to share the results of our Shooters, visit the DARTON Shooter Spotlight to meet Aarin Green.

Meet Aarin Green of Caro, Michigan

Aarin has been shooting competitively for 6 years. This year he will be shooting the Darton Tempest e-T and Spectra-e and will be participating in the I.B.O, A.S.A, NFAA, and I.A.A events, then from winter to fall he will be in hunting mode shooting with the Spectra-e.

The reasons I choose Darton are... 1st, they make amazing products. 2nd, they are more than willing to get input from staff shooters. 3rd, the technology at Darton is ahead of the game and it shows, the new e- system is everything you could ask for in a cam system and more. The 4th reason I shoot Darton Archery is the Darton Family!

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