Mark Myers in the Shooter Spotlight

When it comes to great shooting results DARTON comes in at the top. We are proud to share the results of our Shooters, visit the DARTON Shooter Spotlight to meet Mark Myers.

Meet Mark Myers of Albany, New York

Mark has been shooting competitively for 22 years, hunting for 40 years, and coaching archers for 19 years. He shoots IBO, ASA, NFAA, USA Archery, and is currently shooting Open C and K40- or 45 in ASA, Freestyle in NFAA/USA, BBO in IBO.

My first supporting dealer was local, but now I work directly with the factory and Ted Harpham. Thank you for all you do, all of you at the factory are great! Darton is like a family, a great family owned American company that takes great pride in their product. BEST BOWS - BEST PEOPLE - NO QUESTION!

Visit the Shooter Spotlight page to

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