Our Shooter Spotlight Members


Saginaw, MI

I shoot a 2020 Tempest e 3D, red with black limbs. I have been shooting a Spectra e but as I compete more and more I wanted to have a target bow that I could set up just for that and the Tempest e 3D is the perfect bow for that as I can shoot indoor target or outdoor 3D with ...

Aarin Green

Caro, MI

This year I'm shooting the Tempest e-T and Spectra-e. I chose these bows for one main reason, the e-system with its tunability and forgiveness, it adds to a great riser and cams.​


Albany, NY

I shoot the Spectra e for hunting because the arrows hit like a sledgehammer! I choose the Maverick XT for IBO, there are too many reasons to list why… fast and quiet sums it up! And the Tempest XT 3D/LD for ASA. I'm a big fan of the XT system...

Andy Hunnell

Jefferson Hills, PA

​I use various Darton bows for the differing types of archery. INDOORS - I like shooting my Vegas 3D and the bow shoots well. I run gold tip XXX arrows with the Vegas 3D at about 56 lbs. OUTSIDE - I shoot a Vegas 3D for the ASA and a Darton Tempest for the IBO...

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