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3500 - A

The DS 3500 is a Power House of a Bow, designed specifically for the Serious Hunter! The DS 3500 has all the right specs to fit every hunting situation. Dollar for Dollar, Pound for Pound the DS 3500 stands alone in its class!

Each DualSync bow has an adjustable peak weight range of up to 10 pounds. No bow press is required to change the draw lengths of DualSync Bows. The only requirement is to replace the modules. Available in 60 or 65 pound peak weights.

Tuning Mark System are on all DualSync bows to assist the individual shooter to achieve optimum performance. By lining up the power cables between the tuning lines on each cam, you can achieve the advertised draw lengths and performance.

Smoothness and bowstring dampening are achieved with the use of the Darton's Bowstring Suppression System.

In addition to the draw lengths listed below there are also 1/2" modules available, i.e. 1.5", 2.5", 3.5", 4.5" ,5.5". As an accessory item there are draw stop adjustment tabs available that changes the let-off up to 65%, while draw length is shortened approx. 1/8"

Axle to Axle: 34 5/16"
Brace Height: 6"
Draw Length: 25" - 30"
Draw Weight: 60#, 65#

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