Testimonials from Darton Fans

Dean Brandt

The Vegas T is an absolutely amazing bow to shoot. It has a wonderfully smooth draw, a rock solid back wall. It just sits in your hand during and after the shot. There is no real vibration to speak of. It is quiet and extremely forgiving.

   I shot pretty much every bow out there before I got my Vegas. It is the best bow, in my opinion, you could buy. It out classes even more expensive bows on the market. Hence I decided to become a shooter for Darton and represent this company and the bow.

   It has a rock solid aiming point and just sits on the target with very little float. I originally got mine in black and love the finish. It helps the bow to not slip or slide in your hand.

   Mine has since been recolored. It is being donated to a cancer foundation, so it was done in custom pink ribbons. I will certainly own another one.

   The Darton Vegas T is mostly the reason I am now a Pro Shooter with the NFAA.

   Thank you to Darton for producing this incredible bow.

Ken Thorne

I got my Tempest last year and have enjoyed every minute of it.  It is truly a spot shooters bow. 

   This bow takes everything in Darton’s line and combines it for a winning combination. The Purple and White limb combination is a head turner. 

   I am extremely impressed with the engineering that has gone into the Tempest. I have had the chance to let others shoot it and with a simple adjustment for the draw length on the adjustable module they are shooting it with precision. 

   Thanks again to Rex, Ted and all of the people at Darton who strive everyday to make the best bows on the market. 

   For the last couple of years I have stuck with my Vegas models for all of my archery disciplines. Last year I looked at the Tempest e-T and purchased one.  It has now become my favorite bow. 

   This is hands down the best indoor bow I have ever owned. The smooth draw cycle and the holding weight are a perfect match for indoor competition. 

   Everybody that looks at this bow has to shoot it, and I let them.  I want them all to know how Darton is really leading the way in archery innovations.

Nicholas Quava

I have been shooting the Tempest T for over a year now. I love it and have done very well with it, shooting everything from target to 3D, mostly 3D, but I always struggled with the grip and the shelf! This new Tempest e-T is amazing! I have had it on trial for a couple weeks! The grip and shelf are perfect and it shoots even smoother then the old Tempest which I didn't think was possible! 

   The versatility on yoke tuning for your center shot is awesome, which will help you find the most forgiving shot for left and right impact! It is a tuning dream! The bow is very forgiving and although I have only been shooting it for a couple weeks I will soon have it in my Darton collection! 

   The finish is an upgrade from last years model! Also, I love the fact that it has rotating mods so you don't have to get draw length specific mods!

   Overall, this bow is amazing and I love everything about it!

Richard Whaley

Smooth, quiet, forgiving and FAST!!!!



And that is important

when hunting bear!

Branden McGrath

My son shoots the 2018 tempest 3d. He loves this bow! We are hoping for many personal records! He will shoot it at Vegas and Cincinnati this year. Maybe next year he will fit the new model!

   Love our Darton bows! The staff is always eager to help when we have questions. Thanks Darton!

Edward Mathis

Had one of my best seasons in a long time in 2017 with my Demon.

Michael Guiney

The Darton Exciter has been a fantastic bow for my 14 year old disabled son. Nice solid back wall and very consistent. Light weight and will continue to grow with him. He has set a new Cub division National record at the Adaptive Sports USA Junior National 2017 event, and won both the Chicagoland Adaptive Archery 2017 Challenge against several Wounded Warriors and the GLASA's Adult National Open & Great Lakes Regional Games (qualifier for Junior Nationals).

With a borrowed 4wd wheelchair we hope to get him out to some 3D archery tournaments this year. Thanks for an awesome bow Darton!!!

Steve Kelly

By far the best bowfishing bow I’ve owned and I’ve owned 15 different bows just for bowfish! Love the splash!

Michael Jones, Captain

I run my fishing charter, STYKN FYNS GUIDE SERVICE in North Carolina. I have the original aqua force bows, as well as the splash!!! All of these bows have been used for 3 year's now and are outstanding!  The splash is the beast of the boat!! I will not use any other products as long as they are available. From carp, to catfish, and from cobia to tuna, the splash will handle the job!!!

Joseph A Feiccabrino, Jr

...You can see Darton is working very hard to continue to make us smoother more efficient crossbows.  Making the best crossbows even better! Toxin125 SS crossbow is really a much too well kept secret!

I ordered my Toxin125 SS from the Archery School of the Rockies in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I'm looking forward to using this crossbow for ASA shoots, hunting, and long distance target shooting.  My experience with the Archery School of the Rockies, and with Darton has been outstanding, with really great people all the way through the process. 

Thank you Darton!

Jeff McKnight

I bought a Toxin 150 last year.  I shot twice at deer during the 2018 season and put two deer in the freezer. This has to be one of the flattest shooting crodssbows I have ever owned. 

I absolutly love it!! 

Sam P

My Toxin 150 is one bad machine! It's exciting to be a crossbow hunter in a time when innovation is still raging.

If you haven't shot a new Darton crossbow in a few years, you really should. The Toxin is light, balanced, quiet and compact.

This ultra effective crossbow has proven to me that new features aren't just interesting, they are effective, and can lead to a more successful hunt. 

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