Two of the most shootable, stable, single-purpose Target bows available.


Take your pick, the 2 most Perfectly Balanced Bow Designs available.  They are the real deal!

Check out the new design feature that allows for additional cable clearance at the bow arm.


The ultimate in a spot bow!

The Equalizer Cable System  is the closest thing you can get to a totally balanced shooting system. The Vegas-E-T features a uniquely designed riser with limb pockets designed for better control of limb alignment and a more controlled shot. The Vegas-E-T has a 38 1/2" axle-to-axle dimension and an 8" brace height, with draw lengths available up to 31". The reduced power stroke, resulting from the higher brace height, makes this bow an excellent choice when competing in tournaments where shooter fatigue can become an issue. With its 8" brace height and stellar level of performance, arrow time on the string is reduced to a minimum. If you want to shoot your very best, experience less shooter fatigue, enjoy over-the-top forgiveness, and have over-all-shoot-ability a priority, than the Vegas-E-T should be your choice. You will not find any bow easier to hold on the spot. 


SPEED: 315-320 FPS | AXLE-TO-AXLE: 38-1/2" | BRACE HEIGHT: 8" |
MASS WEIGHT: 4.5 LBS. |  DRAW LENGTHS (65%): 26"-31" | 
DRAW WEIGHTS: 40, 50, 60, 70 | LET OFF: 85% (adjustable)


A straight shot to the podium!

The Equalizer Cable System  is the closest thing you can get to a totally balanced shooting system. The Vegas-E-3D could be considered a compromise bow when compared to the Vegas-E-T.  However, when compared to most any other bow it is a hand's down winner. The Vegas-E-3D limb length has been shortened, resulting in a lower brace height and an increase in the power stroke at all draw lengths while retaining the desired balance of the Vegas-E-T. This has produced more stored energy and better performance while retaining most of the shooting attributes of the Vegas-E-T. These changes have also made the Vegas-E3D better suited for the shorter draw archer that wants to shoot a Vegas with a little more speed. 


SPEED: 325-330 FPS | AXLE-TO-AXLE: 36-7/8" | BRACE HEIGHT: 7 1/4" |
MASS WEIGHT: 4.4 LBS. |  DRAW LENGTHS (65%): 25"-30" |
DRAW WEIGHTS: 40, 50, 60, 70 | LET-OFF: 85% (adjustable)


*Colors are Available with Black or White limbs.



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